Poll: All Good Little Boys Stay Chaste

Chastity, or the idea of not having an orgasm/release is something I’m also into and believe all little boys should follow. For me personally, there are a few reasons to stay chaste:

Not releasing seems to keep me into little mode. I don’t know about others, but the longer I go without any release or even teasing Mr tinkle, the easier I’m able to go into little mode and just feel free. My imagination and motions make me just feel in the right place. I don’t know all the science behind it but for me it truly works. Even better at night time when you put on a footie pajamas and just snuggle with your favorite plush or blankie sucking on a paci.

If you want to be in little mode, you shouldn’t be playing with things only grown ups do anyway. I’m sure mommy or daddy would frown (or worse, get a spanky) at the very idea or you playing around in your diaper.

But second, and more importantly along the lines of becoming incontinent, using those same muscles to ejaculate help strengthen your PC muscles, which keep you continent.  Especially the one you can control, the second one. This is the one that closes and opens during ejaculation and the PC muscles around the area contract to push the semen out of the urethra and well, out Mr tinkle. So in return, by not exercising these muscles, you can help train to lose control faster.

But as you can imagine, chastity is not something easy to do, especially if you’re wearing a diaper. The very feeling in that area can cause a great deal of arousal. And if you wear long enough that area becomes pretty soft and you can even hump in a diaper to get off (well I know I can), so it becomes a pretty hard challenge in of itself.

I even have chastity devices but I find that unless your having a scene (roll play) or only doing it for a few hours, it becomes impossible to wear long term. Not only does it cause you to get aroused more, but it’s not very easy to conceal in a diaper. Plus you will be more susceptible to getting a rash, so for long term, that means being a good little boy and not playing with nor humping. Not going to lie, it takes a good long while to not get crazy excited every darn time you put a diaper on, but after lots of trial and failures, you finally start being  a good baby boy. And so with that, I leave you with my poll of the week, how long should I stay chaste?

New Baby Pants Paci

My new baby-pants.com paci has arrived! For comparison, I have a NUK 4 paci next to it.

photo 1

photo 2As you can see the mouth guard is much bigger. The bulb or nipple is about the same size as a NUK 5, however due to the way it’s molded, no air escapes unlike most paci’s which make that squeaking sound. It’s also pretty pleasant to the inside of your mouth, has a nice texture to it. You can see the top of the guard below your nose, giving you a good impression of feeling young.

I would recommend it for anyone wanting to try a more sizable paci. You can order them in pink, blue, purple, or orange at their website under Baby-Pants Classic


Dealing With Adult Diaper Rash

It happens to us all Diaper lovers once in awhile, and most likely to those of us who use them 24/7. Diaper rash comes in many forms, from friction to a yeast or fungal infection. It can get the best of us, even when we’re prepared to deal with it. Here, I’ll give you the “How-to” to care for it and how to find out what type of rash you might have.

But first, I’ll give you my story first about this long, hard fought battle with diaper rash. All the way back to November of last year, near the thanksgiving holiday, I started to feel under the weather. I also noticed that when I became sick my incontinence really got out of control, I was going non-stop in a sense. Still, feeling under the weather I did two things that caused this nasty rash. One, I was in the process of trying out new diapers, ones that I found out didn’t wick away urine enough to cause the diapers to be really soggy and two, I used an allergy medicine (Claritin D) for my cold. That my friends was bad idea, a perfect combination for making my bad day worse.

With out the proper protection for night time (soggy diapers) and my cold medicine, which in case you didn’t know a fair amount of allergy medicine can cause yeast infections, this became the perfect situation for a yeast infection. To make matters worse, I didn’t have the proper medicine around either to stop the yeast from spreading from my genitals all the way to my back side. Just thinking about it brings back the itching! It literally took months and a few different trial/errors of over the counter creams to figure out the right formula in killing the yeast. So let me help anyone else out there looking on how to prevent or if you get an infection, how to stop it before it takes forever to go away and the skin to heal.

Different Types of Diaper Rash

Friction Diaper Rash

First thing to realize is not all diaper rashes are the same. Some can be caused by friction, others by fungus. Most common type if your mobile a lot during the day is friction diaper rash from the diaper rubbing your skin raw. You can prevent this by putting some type of protection on the skin where the leg guards touch to prevent the friction. If your using disposable, a cream like Destin will work out fine here. If you’re wearing cloth, do not use Destin as it will ruin cloth diapers. In this case you’ll need something that is safe with cloth, like CJ’s Butter. Also do no use any oil based barriers like Baby Oil as it will break down plastic pants.

The signs of friction diaper rash are around the insides of your thighs, where the leg guards of the diaper rub against your skin. Same applies if your wearing cloth, the plastic pants will rub in this area too. You’ll notice a soreness and red skin.

Irritation/Burn Diaper Rash

This is similar to friction rash except you’ll get it evenly on the back side and around the genital area. This is due to sitting in a dirty diaper too long and especially in a cloth diaper too long (urine burn). You’ll most likely know this feeling by the burning sensation you’ll end up getting if your wearing the same dirty diaper too long. Again, you can help heal the burn area by using a barrier cream. You can also reduce the chances of getting this minor rash by using baby powder and changing more often when wet or dirty. You should never sit in a dirty diaper too long as you can end up with the next rash on the list.

Yeast/Fungal Diaper Rash


Was not a happy baby 🙁

Also known as thrush, fungal infection. You might have even gotten this rash before with out wearing diapers, it is also know in the sports/gym area as jock itch. This rash will show up as a deep red and with red spots all over where it starts to spread. In the most effected areas you’ll end up with clear pus. On men, it likes to move to the head of the penis too, so you can expect red dots there. Also, you’ll get itch, mad itch, which is a clear give away that it’s a yest infection.

What ever you do, do not scratch the area, it will only make the pus run out and infect more skin in the area. Also, you need to get an anti fungal cream to kill the infection. And let me tell you, do not wait because it will continue to get worse. And do not, do not use baby powder if you develop a yeast infection, as the powder (corn starch) will only feed the yeast.

My suggestions for getting rid of this infection. If you’re like me and stuck in diapers no matter what, you’re going to have to wait it out (weeks) by doing what I did. If you don’t have to wear, I highly suggest you do not and just use an anti fungal cream. If you need to use them, first use an anti fungal cream and then put Destin Maximum Strength (has Zinc) over the area. You’ll want to do this at every change.

In the end I used two different types of anti-fungal creams: Lotrimin Ultra and Pro-Ex Antifungal Cream. I first used Lotrimin, which believe it or not is what many doctors will tell you to use on the infected area. Yeah, at first I thought I was going to have to get a prescription for the infection, then I found out your every day jock itch cream will do it.

But here is something you need to check on, see if the infection is shrinking. If you go a week without hardly any results (or slow), try the second one, the Pro-Ex Antifungal Cream. You may not know, but there are different types of fungi/yeast infections. The Lotrimin only kills one type, the Pro-Ex kills both types. When I switched after using the Lotrimin for 2 weeks, over night I saw a difference. Within days the infection was nearly gone.

So the story little ones is to make sure you take care of those rashes when they appear or you’ll end up like me with a rash for a month or two. You can find all of these products online via Amazon and I suggest you keep these items in stock just in case a rash appears and you can fight it on day one.

Stay strong, stay diapered.


New Logo!


Yay, couldn’t wait to bring in some new updates. The first one being a new logo, including little Kuma (me!). Nothing like one of my favorite dino onsie and a freshly spanked bottom for a logo. The amazing logo comes from Devianart-ist Isadora Arkham, who will also be doing the art work for The Circle, the online novel that is now in the works.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have about 100 images to upload as well, all the way back from October of last year, whew.

New Year Baby

A new day in a new year, hello everyone! Boy, talk about a crazy adventure last year. I still have my post to cover rashes, since I ha one that last a good amount of time.

I want to add a poll section on the site for newly created videos, I need some suggestions! And I also bought a bunch of new diapers to test out with pics. I recently received a package of XP medical diapers, so I have to give those a test run.

A few new blog posts will be coming out this week, stay tuned my littles!

Feeling Under The Weather

Been real busy over the past month or so and haven’t had a chance to update anything on the site yet 🙁 But I promise articles to start coming out soon. I was going to do some stuff over the holiday but seems I have caught a bug. Nothing better though than wearing while sick with a footie jammie on.